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Destination Immersion via Azamara Club Cruises AzAmazing Evenings

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Last week at #CruiseChat (a weekly Twitter chat about cruising topics) there was a lot of cruise buzz about Azamara Club Cruises’ AzAmazing Evenings. Since I am not all that familiar with the concept, I decided to do some research to learn more.

Longer Stays in Port means cruise passengers can discover more


AzAmazing Evenings
Tweet recap about AzAmazing Evenings from Larry Pimentel, President & CEO


What is an AzAmazing Evening?

AzAmazing Evenings are complimentary onshore events that allow cruise passengers the chance to learn more about local traditions. These events can be centered around dance, music, theater and cuisine. The shoreside team at Azamara Club Cruises looks for venues that incorporate the local history and culture of a destination.


Azamara Club Cruises Flickr set
Flickr set Azamara Club Cruises

To see a photo set from Azamara Club Cruises Azamazing Evenings, check out their Flickr account (click here)


Cruise guests with active bookings (current reservations) can book the events. For those that elect to do so, if space permits, you can sign up onboard.



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