American Cruise Lines | #CruiseChat Recap

American Cruise Lines shines in the #CruiseChat Spotlight

Destinations: US rivers and inland waterways via classic ships with modern touches. Check out our complete coverage about American Cruise Lines, check our review. What is #CruiseChat?
American Cruise Lines
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The Questions

  • Q1.  What is your favorite US #cruise destination? Tell us why and/or share a picture! #CruiseChat
  • Q2.  Have you been on an Alaskan cruise? What was your favorite site?  #cruisechat
  • Q3. Fill in the blank: _____is the number one American lobster-producing state in the USA.  Have you been? #cruisechat
  • Q4. River cruising is a hot topic. What rivers in the US have you cruised? #cruisechat
  • Q5 Are you a #cruise genius? What is difference between a paddlewheeler and a  sternwheeler?  Hint> #cruisechat
  • Q6.  Pop Quiz. Which ship in ACLs fleet was the only one acquired and the only one built before 2002? #cruisechat
  • Q7. We know you’re a cruiser, but are you a 1)traveler 2)vacationer 3) both. Why? #cruisechat
  • Q8. The great outdoors – can you guess this popular US site? #CruiseChat
  • Q9. Fall foliage themed #cruise? Been on one? Tell us where. #CruiseChat

Some of the tweets

AmericanCruiseLines American_Cruise AmericanCruiseLines
You’re good! RT: @shipsandtrips A5: Guessing here: weheel at the back vs front or sides? #cruisechat
Robin W. Smith
robinwsmith Robin W. Smith   A5 – Stern-wheeler has one paddle and a Paddle-wheeler has two – both on the rear
Gerard Murphy gmdance Gerard Murphy
A7. Vacationer most. Traveler sometimes…
Porthole Magazine PortholeCruise Porthole Magazine
A4: Cruised the Mississippi River on a river barge years ago. Very cool to dock right under the St. Louis Arch.
CareVacations CareVacations CareVacations
A1 – I love #RhodeIsland and #Maine! The food and history are amazing! Don’t have my pix handy…
AmericanCruiseLines American_Cruise AmericanCruiseLines
@CruiseBuzz we are psyched to be here, Carrie! #cruisechat welcome everyone

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Doug Parker
CruiseRadioDoug Parker

Here is the show link for the @American_Cruise CEO on @CruiseRadio#cruisechat
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