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AlaskaSeaLife AlaskaSealifeCenter

A11. the look on passengers faces as they learn something new about AK!
InnerSea Discoveries

InnerSeaD InnerSea Discoveries

You don’t need to bring your kayak! We also sell fishing licenses on board, have some binocs, trekking poles.
Stewart Chiron
CruiseGuy Stewart Chiron
@DisneyCruise adds new dimensions 2 #Alaska. Perfect fit to region. Attracts thousands who would’ve never visited.
Princess Cruises

PrincessCruises Princess Cruises

You got it! RT @Only398: 6: Diamond, Golden, Island, Sapphire, Coral and Sea.
Stewart Chiron

CruiseGuy Stewart Chiron

I was taking photos @ Mendenhall Glacier & baby black bear appeared out of nowhere, right next to my son.
Kymri / Mira Terra

kymri Kymri / Mira Terra

Been there! RT @cruisecoaches: Anybody stop by the Red Dog Saloon while in port? Local hot spot!

RickGriffin RickGriffin

I loved EVERY minute of our PrincessCruises trip – can’t imagine anything being any better than it was.
Stewart Chiron
CruiseGuy Stewart Chiron
Whale watching & Mendenhall Glacier very popular @ Juneau. Saw lots of wildlife incl Bald Eagles & finally a bear!
Erin Kirkland
akonthego Erin Kirkland
@HALcruises So classy, HAL is. Made me feel all grown-up. Finally.
Holland America Line

HALcruises Holland America Line

Cruise through #Alaska‘s Inside Passage en route to iconic frontier towns & national parks HAL-style:


RickGriffin RickGriffin

RT @CruiseBuzz: Q2 What is the ideal event to celebrate on #Alaska cruise?   << All days that end in “y”
Anchorage Museum

AnchorageMuseum Anchorage Museum

Anchorage! RT @CruiseBuzz: Q4 What’s your favorite #Alaska port or town? Why?
Shon Ford

CruiseMan3000 Shon Ford

A1. I think I’d love to see some awesome whales up-close and personal!

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