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Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure cruising expedition!


Adventure cruising Alaska style. Photo by InnerSea Discoveries

This is not the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland

Those of you that know me on Twitter, see me making the rounds at the various chats like #NUTS, #TTOT, #FriFotos, #TNI and #CruiseChat.

What all the travel chats have in common is a community of travel enthusiasts that love to travel. A common theme that reoccurs at the chats is adventure travel. So, I got to thinking about the topic and wanted to let our cruise niche have a chance to show what adventure travel means in the cruise business.

Thanks to our cohosts for helping us define adventure cruising

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InnerSea Discoveries

What type of cruiser are you?

When it comes to adventure, we can start by looking at how you deal with your time in port. Look at your options here.

Adventure and action seem to go hand-in-hand – by American Safari Cruises.

Adventure and Expedition Cruising

“Expedition cruising is quite possibly the purest form of ecotourism,” says Roderick Eime, editor of Adventure Cruise Guide, “Adventure ships take small numbers of thoughtful people to places where there is no infrastructure and leave nothing behind.”


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