ABCs of Cruising: V is for Venice, Italy

Best in Cruise Travel Venice, Italy.

Venice is one of the best places to visit by ship. I would suggest choosing a smaller ship that caters to more time in port. Why? Because often times the boutique ships like those from Azamara, or the ultra-luxe ships of Silversea will overnight in Venice, which allows more time to explore. The ship is a floating hotel and it can mean spending less money in Venice on accommodations, which is a good thing because the capital of the Veneto region located in northeastern Italy can be quite costly.

I have written a lot about Venice for cruise visitors. If you would like to learn about logistics of this port, click here.

Visual Venice (photo tour)

Photo by Carrie Finley Bajak
Port information onboard Azamara Journey
There are two port locations. Terminal S. Basilio will service smaller ships.

Pizza anyone?
Photo by Carrie Finley Bajak
Venice city view from atop the bell tower.


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