China and Japan via Princess Cruises

What is a ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ to you?

The Great Wall – photo by stealthtractor.

Fun Fact:

  • China: +8 hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or +16 hours Pacific Standard Time (PST)

I cant wait to have Princess Cruises to welcome me  onboard!

Captain Stefano  Ravera

Princess Cruises Captain Stefano Ravera: Captain Stefano Ravera was born on May 26th, 1960 in the small village of Vezzano Ligure, by the seafarers city of La Spezia, Italy.

Princess Hotel General Manager

Giacomo Manfredi
Hotel General Manager
Princess Maitre'd

Francois Ferat


Date Destination
02/24/11 Shanghai, China
02/25/11 Shanghai, China
02/26/11 At Sea
02/27/11 Dalian, China
02/28/11 Beijing (Tianjin), China
03/01/11 At Sea
03/02/11 At Sea
03/03/11 At Sea
03/04/11 Vladivostok, Russia
03/05/11 At Sea
03/06/11 Hakata, Japan
03/07/11 Hiroshima, Japan
03/08/11 Osaka, Japan
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