Konichiwa from Hakata, Japan

Visit A Shrine And Get A Free Umbrella

A little slice of heaven hidden within the city – Suikyo Shrine, Tenjin, Japan.

Ocean Princess called on the neighboring cities of Fukuoka, Tenjin, and Hakata today as part of the 12 day China and Japan cruise itinerary.

When we arrived to the Hakata Port International Terminal for immigration processing,  it was raining. Not a huge rain but enough to get your attention and to make the streets wet.  After a 20 minute shuttle bus ride to Tenjin City Hall, the equivalent of the center of the city, we went in search of Daiso, the Japanese version of a US dollar store (everything in the store is 100 yen.)

While searching for Daiso, we happened upon the Suikyo Shrine. The shrine was fantastic. My friend and I were the only ones there until a Japanese man arrived to pay his respects.

We watched the ritual of throwing a coin into a hopper, ringing a bell, clapping the hands, bowing and then a moment of silence.  When he was done, he greeted us and asked if I had an umbrella for the rain.  I answered, “no.”

Without hesitation, the man gave me his umbrella and disappeared. Can you imagine?

So a big “arigato” to Tenjin and her people for hosting us today to their lovely city.

Arigato = thank you.

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