Cruise Diary: Walking Tour Exploring Shanghai, China

Welcome to Shanghai, China

Ocean Princess in Shanghai

Small cruise ships calling on Shanghai dock at the new cruise terminal on the west bank of the Huangpo River.  Because of the prime location, cruise guests can get out and walk to nearby sights or take a taxi.

If taking a taxi make sure to avoid the red taxis as they cost more money, and make sure to negotiate a price up front. If there is no meter in the cab, pick a different vehicle. There were many reports of fleecing, so be aware. Ask for a receipt as well as this will help keep the taxi driver honest.  And if you forget something in the cab, you will have a name and number to call to help retrieve lost belongings.

I journeyed out of the cruise terminal headed to The Bund. To get to The Bund from the ship plan on spending about 25 minutes walking until you reach the bridge crossing the Suzhou Creek.

The Bund

After crossing the bridge spanning  the Suzhou Creek, you will see the Monument For People’s Heroes. This is the start of The Bund.  While walking along the promenade you will notice the varied buildings making up this historic area.

One historic building is the Peace Hotel. Use this property as a landmark. It is from the Peace Hotel that shoppers will find the popular shops of Nanjing Road.

I continued to walk past the Peace Hotel on The Bund for a couple more miles. Near the end, I crossed the street and went to Gucheng Park.

Yu Garden

From the southwest corner of the park you can see the impressive pavilions of  Yu Garden. Yu Garden is a wonderful place to experience a taste of classic Chinese architecture.

Yu Garden is located in the Old Town of Shanghai. The Yu Garden is 400 years old and represents landscaping typical of South China during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Yuyuan Tourist Mart part of the old town

After a tour of the Yu Garden I walked around the Yuyuan Tourist Mart. What a hive of activity with plenty of hucksters trying to sell their wares.

Other popular cultural attractions that I did not have time to see are:

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