Ketchikan, Alaska cruise port

Welcome to Ketchikan, Alaska

Misty Ketchikan

Toady the #FollowMeAtSea Twitter gang (and the rest of the 2,000 passengers sailing on  Coral Princess, arrive to a misty Ketchikan.

According to my Princess Patter daily newsletter,  we passed Cape Decision through Summer Strait and transited Snow Pass in the early hours. We have proceeded on a southerly course through the Hecate Strait.  Alaskan cruises offer many navigational challenges. Impressive.

Princess Cruises has an extensive shore excursion program, which currently offers 215 different Alaska tour options for passengers.  Today I am going to enjoy the Back Country Zodiac Expedition.  This shore excursion allows passengers to pilot their own zodiac on a tour of Ketchikan.

When most people think about Ketchikan they think of fish.  Ketchikan was born and raised on the salmon industry. Ketchikan has earned the title of Salmon Capital of the World.  Another title that Ketchikan has earned is that of Rain Capital of Alaska. Plan accordingly.

When packing for your stop in Ketchikan it is important to hope for sun and plan for rain. 

Shore excursions should be selected based on one’s comfort level with getting wet.  Pre-booking popular shore excursions is a must to avoid disappointment. Bring your waterproof outer-layer of clothes and make sure to cancel shore excursions within the stated cancellation period listed on shore excursion tickets.


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