What is a river cruise?

Europe offers fascinating cities and cultures; most of which can be experienced while cruising its bordering oceans and seas. But that will only expose you to a small portion of what it has to offer. For a more in-depth, intimate look inside Europe, embark on a river cruise. Few rivers are better than the storied and scenic Rhine.

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Between the Swiss Alps and the North Sea, Rhine River cruises interweave historic cities with quaint small towns and villages. By taking a river cruise down the Rhine you will likely experience:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Within the interchanging canals and cultures is the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, canal rides to explore the city, and bikes – lots of them.

Cologne, Germany – This city is home to one of the most awe inspiring Gothic churches in Europe, its own beer style called Kölsch, and a thriving art scene. Tracing back to 38 B.C., nearly every era of Cologne’s history can been seen during a visit.

Koblenz and Rüdesheim, Germany – Connecting these two cities is the upper Middle Rhine Valley; a roughly 40-mile section sprinkled with wineries and more castles than any other river valley in the world.

Heidelberg, Germany – One of the few German cities spared from WW II bombings, Heidelberg retains its architecture and charm of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Overlooking the town is Heidelberg Castle, a massive Gothic-Renaissance structure which is still a magnificent sight even in its various stages of deterioration (tours are available). This beautiful city is also home to Europe’s third-oldest educational institute.

Strasbourg, France – At the center of Strasbourg, is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Grande Île where some of the city’s best attractions can be found including the Cathédrale Notre Dame (completed in 1439) and the Astronomical Clock found inside. The charming and picturesque Le Petite France area – consisting of canals, bridges, and medieval houses and buildings – is a must see. Rhine River cruises usually end or begin in Basel, Switzerland.

European river cruising is definitely a departure from your standard big-ship cruise. Onboard, absent are the multiple dining venues, elaborate entertainment options, and the other bells and whistles of big-ship cruising. In exchange is a slower pace of travel, where the sights are the focal point and the intimate setting – you’ll travel with under 200 passengers – provides a better connection to fellow passengers and crew.

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