Silversea Cruises Turns Up The Volume

Silversea Cruises Adds Quietvox Audio Systems

When I was a young adventure traveler, I looked at tour groups as a herd of people who did not have enough courage to go it alone. Now that I have been in the herd, I realize that there are a lot of advantages to group tours. Not having to deal with port logistics, especially when I am only in town for a short time is a motivator for me when deciding to book a cruise line’s  shore excursion.

Turn up the volume – forget the huddle

Quietvox Audio System. Photo by Silversea Cruises.

When I learned that Silversea Cruises had made an investment in the Quietvox audio system, I was thrilled. Having used similar devices on tours in the past, I can report that the audio component really helps me get the most out of a tour. Being able to listen to the tour guide despite the noise level from the crowds around is a bonus.

Look for the  Quietvox audio system on select  Silver Spirit  shore tours in the Mediterranean this summer. The new technology eliminates the need to huddle around the tour guide to hear what’s being said.

Just make sure to not wander out of range….


With a transmission range of up to 3,280 feet tour participants may  walk around untethered to their guide, to explore some of the world’s great attractions — from museums and cathedrals to vast ancient ruins — without missing any of the guide’s valuable insights.

Tours offering the new audio system are depicted as “Silver Shore Sotto Voce” options in online and print materials provided to Silver Spirit guests. They are denoted by a small headset-shaped icon in the Silver Shore Journals, the shore excursion booklets guests receive with their cruise documents.

The devices will be available on select tours in all the regions where Silver Spirit sails and eventually will be expanded to other ships in the Silversea fleet.

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