Port Buzz: Sitka

Live Voyage Report: Sitka via Holland America Line

Ultimate  Sitka Adventure

When in Sitka, cruise passengers can choose to do a couple of things: stay in town or go out to explore the region. I decided that today was the perfect opportunity to get out of my comfort zone to experience hard-core Alaska-sized adventure travel.

Cruise Buzz on assignment: all suited up.

After a five-minute tender from the Oosterdam, I met my group and got into my specialized outfit designed specifically for the wet and cold climate that is typical of Sitka. Alas, the weather was clear, sunny and registering in the high 50-degree Fahrenheit zone. – a real heat wave for this area, I am told.

Today, I decided to send my day in Sitka stretching my adventure travel limits by going on the Ultimate Adventure Combo: by Ocean Raft and 4×4. This four-hour tour, which you can purchase through the shore excursion department  on Holland America was a blast!

 The Ride

All aboard: space enough for six pasengers.

Intimate groups of six are equipped with the proper gear. Lucky for us the weather was divine and we managed to escape the rain, which is rare in Southeastern Alaska.


Sitka Glass

The 12-mile ride from Crescent Harbor to Sitka Sound was full of marine animals. We were able to catch a humpback whale, sea otters and a lively sea lion.

Sitka Sea Otter
Humpback whale sighting

Wilderness Adventure

There were three Yamaha Rhino 4×4 utility vehicles standing by. I opted to let someone else drive as they call me “Granny” back home and I am not known for my agressive driving that is needed on these back country roads. Our guide wanted us to keep up, stay in line, and to make certain that we understood that risky driving (think donuts, jumps, and spins) would not be tolerated.

Sitka 4×4

After a 12 mile ride we left the raft behind and met up with out land guide who lead us through old logging trains on Kruzof Island.

Bumpy ride: the adventure begins


Under a Special Use Permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service, the wilderness adventure takes cruise passengers off the beaten path.  Cruise passengers looking for a little adrenaline rush and an authentic experience through the Tongass National Forest outside of Sitka will be happy with the Ulitimate Adventure Combo.

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