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Travel Tuesday tips

1. Twitter tips you can use. The mantra is “work smarter, not harder.”

2. The next evolution of travel tool every agent should have is a digital video recorder. Quickly record an infomercial and upload. We are developing our new series that will launch next week. Use YouTube to store your videos and embed the links in all your social media sites.

3. Let’s campaign to kill the parasites. Since the beginning of the Internet we have seen certain social rules evolve. The next evolution is for colleagues not to post direct links into competitors blogs.

Moving on. We have a quick link to some of our most popular travel articles. Enjoy.

Highlighting Homeports – Montreal[

Travel-and-Leisure:Cruising] Very popular fall cruises frequently stop in Montreal. Each year, the city of Montreal, Quebec, welcomes thousands of cruise ship passengers to its Iberville Passenger Terminal. This inland port on the mighty St. Lawrence River is firmly situated in North America, but has a European flavor. It’s one of the few cities in the world where visitors can easily communicate in French and English.

New to Cruising? What to Expect in Your Stateroom[Travel-and-Leisure:Cruising] A cruise has many types of staterooms. There are man different categories of staterooms found on most ships. In general, staterooms can be divided into four categories: inside staterooms, outside staterooms, balcony staterooms and suites. Remember that the price of your stateroom depends not only on its category but its location on the ship. Staterooms located in the middle of a deck, where the ship is most stable, often cost more than staterooms at the front or back of the ship, where noise from the ship’s engines and machinery can also be a factor.

How to Cruise Economically – Tips For Stretching and Protecting – Your Cruise Vacation[Travel-and-Leisure:Cruising] The current uncertainties in the financial markets are leading many people to reconsider their vacation plans and budgets. Fortunately, economizing doesn’t mean that you have to postpone a cruise vacation. Here are some tips for stretching – and protecting – your cruise vacation investment.

Cruising to a Destination Wedding[Relationships:Wedding] Destination weddings are an exciting choice for couples who want to tie the knot in a way that’s out of the ordinary. Now, more of them are discovering that a cruise is one of the best and easiest ways to hold a destination wedding.

Highlighting Homeports – Norfolk, Virginia[Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] Norfolk, Virginia, is home to the largest naval base in the U.S., but is also a growing homeport for cruise ships. The city’s location in the middle of the Atlantic seaboard makes it an excellent starting point for cruises to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Bermuda and New England.

Cruising the Rivers of Europe[Travel-and-Leisure:Cruising] Some cruisers claim that river cruising is the best way to travel through many of the world’s most amazing places. Comfortable and convenient, river cruising offers a greater variety of destinations than you could encounter any other way. Experience culture and history the old world way through Europe like royalty.

Tips For Your First Cruise Vacation[Travel-and-Leisure:First-Time-Cruising] Selecting the size of a ship can go a long way towards making sure your cruise is perfect. Review these tips and learn what you should look for in a cruise vacation.

Roatan, Honduras Port of Call[Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] Western Caribbean cruise itineraries are calling on Roatan. This beautiful sea village is in the Bay Islands in northern Honduaras. Real estate is booming, the sea is alive with fish, the diving is fantastic.

Port of Call Vancouver[Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] The Alaska cruise season would not be complete without a stop in Vancouver. This modern town near the water is funky, hip and modern. Great food, clean streets, and charming history will impress.

The Most Visited Greek Isles[Travel-and-Leisure:Cruising] The quintessential port stop for the dramatically inclined can be none other than Greece. Romantics and Academics will both thrive in this idyllic locale. The small island feel, warm Mediterranean breeze, friendly hospitality will have you begging to book your next trip.

Cruise Line Spotlight – Holland America Line’s Eurodam[Travel-and-Leisure:Luxury-Cruising] Holland America Line began 135 years ago as the Netherlands-America Steamship Company, a cargo and passenger shipping line that sailed between Rotterdam and the Americas. Today, it is one of the world’s leading premium leisure cruise lines. Its elegant, mid-size ships sail nearly 500 different itineraries to 314 ports of call on seven continents.

Cruise Line Spotlight – Regent Seven Seas Cruises [Travel-and-Leisure:Cruise-Ship-Reviews] Regent is making luxury cruise history in 2009 as they offer two World Cruises. From legendary cities to end-of-the-earth paradises, a world awaits. Choose from short or longer voyages. Exotic voyages explore the globe while enjoying a small ship journey.

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