Welcome to luxury cruising

What is a luxury cruise?

By definition, luxury means something desirable that is not a necessity.  In the travel industry, we can use the word luxury to define an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

In the cruise business, a luxury cruise is a type of cruise experience that offers all-inclusive pricing: wine, spirits,gratuities, specialty dining are a few of the included items in the cruise fare.

When dealing with luxury cruise lines, the difference is in the details.

There are two major details to worry about: size and included onboard amenities.

Size matters

The ships on Crystal will typically carry around 700-900 passengers each. This can vary plus or minus based on occupancy.   Silversea ships carry an average of 270 and 350 passengers.  The number of passengers is usually a good indication of the size of the ship.  A larger ship will have more public space.

As such, Crystal can provide many more enrichment programs and many other diverse activities throughout the day and evening hours.Smaller ships like Silversea provide more of a country club style cruising experience.


Onboard amenities

The other difference that many luxury cruise line differ is in the included amenities.  For example, Silversea includes wine, and other spirits in their passenger fare and also gratuities.

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