Advantages of a Family Cruise Vacation

Families cruise together because cruises provide outstanding value for a family vacation, according to a recent survey by the Cruise Lines International Association. Families that cruise also say a cruise vacation offers unique advantages over a comparably priced vacation on land.

Among the survey’s key findings:

  • Lots of families cruise. Of more than 1,000 households surveyed, nearly half have taken two to four cruises with children under the age of 18. More than 60 percent of families that cruise said they sometimes or always travel with an extended family group, including grandparents and/or grandchildren.
  • The price is right. Overall, 73 percent said their last cruise cost the same as or less than a resort vacation. More than 83 percent said that they consider cruises to be a very good or extremely good value.
  • Cruises have advantages. Cruising families had a lot to say about the advantages of cruise vacations, including: the opportunity to see multiple destinations; the all-inclusive nature of a cruise, with accommodations, meals, entertainment and shipboard activities included in one up-front price; the onboard kids’ programs and facilities; and the variety of onboard amenities and entertainment.
  • Planning is easy. Almost 70 percent said planning a cruise is easier than planning a resort vacation. The survey respondents also noted that the stress-free atmosphere of a cruise allows families to spend quality time together.

More than 60 percent of respondents said they use the services of a travel professional at least on occasion to plan cruise vacations. More than 40 percent said they always work with a travel professional. These family cruisers know that travel professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help select a cruise that matches the interests and budgets of their families.

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