The Cats of Kotor, Montenegro

Why are there so many cats in Kotor?

Kotor, Montengro
Kotor, Montengro

It will not take visitors to Kotor, Montenegro to notice the many cats roaming the streets of the walled city situated on the Bay of Kotor. The cats have their own museum dedicated to them and a lot of doting residents who live side-by-side with these animals. While walking around the Old City it will become apparent that the little kitties roaming the ancient streets are quite at home. Our tour guide pointed out that the cats of Kotor have  become the unofficial symbol of the city.

The Cat Museum in Kotor costs a few Euros and once inside visitors can discover an eclectic collection of mostly prints like artwork and postcards (some dating back to the turn of the 20th century).
Souvenirs are for sale, the proceeds of which go to feeding the cats of Kotor City.  The museum was created  from funds that were donated by Countess di Montereale Mantica.


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