Youth Ambassador Sara gives her report about Cruise4Haiti

Youth Ambassador Sara, age 14, from Boulder, CO gives her report about Cruise4Haiti.

Sorting through massive amounts of donations on the cruise ship. We made gifts for kids in three orphanages during the 7-night cruise.

Today around the world people all over are trying to help with poverty and devastation.

Cruise4Haiti has teamed up with cruise line Royal Caribbean International to help raise funds for Airline Ambassadors and For Haiti With Love while bringing donations and aid to orphans in St. Maarten, Puerto Rico and Haiti for the holidays.

What most people see on the islands and experience on the ship is not what our group has been doing on this trip. When I think of a cruise I think of friends, different cultures and food. Along with these things, I also enjoy working and helping.

When people think of humanitarian trips they probably think of kids, desperate needs, and letting kids light up your face. But what they don’t think of is how much you are changing people’s lives. When I have gone to Haiti, I usually stay there for a few days so the kids are able to become more familiar with me.

Although on a cruise we are restricted by time constraints in the ports, a bright side to working on a tighter time schedule is being able to bring large amounts of goods to places with the idea that we can always  go back. Some downsides are you can’t really connect with the kids because you need to warm up to each other and you are making a difference but not in a huge way.

Overall as a first time cruiser and an experienced humanitarian worker, Cruise4Haiti has been very beneficial.

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