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The Ever-Popular: St. Thomas


One of the more idyllic Caribbean islands, St. Thomas is a draw for cruise ships, sailing enthusiasts and travelers alike because of its stunning harbor, sophisticated attitude, and miles of white sandy beaches.  

The island’s main city and capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie, is strewn with brightly colored buildings and a hodgepodge of differing architectural styles evoking the island’s diverse heritage of Dutch, Spanish and French. For a window into the past, the historic district features buildings that stem back to when pirates attempted to infiltrate the harbor’s waters.  Included in the district is Fort Christian (1672; the oldest structure in the Virgin Islands), the island’s Dutch stronghold against buccaneers and enemies.  Today it’s now the location of the Virgin Islands Museum, housed in the fort’s dungeon!  There’s also Skytsborg, a five-story tower (1678), which now serves as a hotel and restaurant affording guests a great view of the harbor – the same view as its initial purpose: a watchtower. 

A dazzling bird’s- eye view of the island and St. Thomas Harbor awaits when you hop on the St. Thomas Skyride gondola to zip up to Paradise Point – nearly 700 feet above the town.   The city is known for its top-notch dining. Frenchtown, where most of the French descendants still reside, is a very popular location for succulent entrees and an exciting bar scene. 

But what makes the island most famous is its distinction as the Caribbean’s premier duty-free shopping destination (tendered in U.S. currency). Along the waterfront and down streets and alleyways are stores and boutiques selling local wares, foodstuffs, brand-name clothing and electronics.  Adding to the attraction is the rather gracious duty-free shopping quota of $1,600 which is twice the amount of any other Caribbean island and triple the amount in European countries.        

Once away from town, the pristine waters surrounding the island offer fantastic diving, snorkeling, and water-sports. Along the north coast, Magens Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with cobalt waters, white sand and island outcroppings in the distance. Or visit Drakes Seat, the purported location where Sir Francis Drake scanned for enemy ships, where you can see for miles. 

St. Thomas is included on nearly every Eastern Caribbean cruise and on some Southern Caribbean, Panama Canal, or South American cruise itineraries as well. For additional information on Caribbean cruises and what to do while visiting St. Thomas, contact CruiseBuzz at Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo.  Call us 888-203-3012 or visit to surf our specials.

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