Family Time at the Hyatt Regency Resort Aruba



Southern Caribbean and Panama Canal cruisers have consistently rated Aruba as a top destination. Visitors to this exotic island are welcomed by a perfect climate, clean beaches, and exquisite water. Upon returning from a cruise, many of our clients want to return to Aruba. The one lesson cruisers learn from a day on Aruba is that they want to go back to the island.

Getting to Aruba is easy. Daily non stop service makes this paradise a convenient getaway. Choosing a place to stay is easy too. I recommend staying in the Palm Beach area on the island where many resort hotels are available. The Hyatt Regency Resort and Casino is a family friendly resort that we enjoy when we need a little luxury, consistency, and a comfortable bed.  My husband and I enjoy the reliable gracious service, modern upgrades and soothing color schemes.  My children enjoy the fact that other children are on property and that there are kid friendly amenities like shallow water in the pool, a tennis court, water activities, and a steady supply of smoothies at the bar.  After a full morning of family time, I always need a little break and having the kids club on property is a big plus.  The Camp Hyatt program is wonderful. I give high marks for cleanliness and variety of toys. 

One of my criteria for a beach resort is the water. I look for proximity of the ocean, and how big the pool is.  I am a sucker for beach-front pools with swim up bars and water slides.  The Hyatt delivers. 

 The Hyatt Regency Resort and Casino is a self contained resort with all the amenities to keep a family happy. Although it is close to shops, there is no reason to leave the property once settled in. 

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  1. I’ve always found Hyatts kid-friendly. In fact, we still carry around our Nintendo stuff in the backpack we got at one of the kids’ resorts when they were little! Thinking ahead, a trek to the Caribean is on my destination list. Aruba is beautiful and I’m psyched to check this Hyatt out as a possible destination.

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