What does a luxury cruise expert and a sitcom have in common? Twitter.

As a traveling mom who happens to be a blogger and President of Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo, I jumped on the opportunity to bring my laptop and my enthusiasm to Hollywood for a live Tweetup on the set of the new CBS sitcom called  Accidentally on Purpose.

I drove from Orange County with fellow mommy blogger and successful entrepreneur, Ciaran Blumenfeld to the lot in Studio City. We arrived on the lot with little time to spare. Members of the CBS Public Relations department checked us in and escorted us to the commissary. Dinner was underway and it reminded me of a cruise ship buffet. One of the stars, Jenna Elfman  was sitting and talking with a table full of eager listeners about life, acting, and Twitter.  Jenna has a wonderful energy about her and her willingness to embrace a bunch of Twitter users was noble.

The staff from the public relations department was very efficient and escorted us to the writer’s room where we asked questions. I asked Executive Producer Claudia Lonow (@Lavagrll) about what she thought a room full of Twitter experts could do for her show and she replied that she hoped that we (Twitterers) could benefit from the “behind the scenes look” into the production of the show.

The behind the scenes glimpse into areas where most people are not allowed is one of the ways that I have been able to use Twitter to reach cruise consumers and clients.

The cruise lines should learn from Hollywood’s willingness to let some bloggers into the inner sanctum.

After our time with the writers, we went to the set. Production was underway and it was fun to watch the actors. I was impressed with all the people that made the show happen. We were allowed, with escort, onto the actual taping floor where we could tweet, peak, and observe close to the action. We took a group photo, chatted with the stars and watched magic in the making.

I hope that the cruise lines will do something similar. The inaugural of the Oasis of the Seas or NCL’s Epic would be prime opportunities to allow some Twitter folks behind the scenes to bring the events to life.

I appreciate the opportunity to go behind the scenes and experience the show from a unique perspective.  I applaud CBS for experimenting and going outside of their traditional marketing comfort zone.

Cast: Jenna Elfman, Jon Foster, Grant Show, Ashley Jensen, Lennon Parham and Nicolas Wright
Executive Producer: Claudia Lonow

My first live tweetup on #accidentallyonpurpose set @jennaonpurpose @lennonparham @InTheJon @AccidentallyCBS @Lavagrll @CBSTweet

Follow them, the cast is very nice.

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