Viking River Cruises review of Melk & Dürnstein

Scenic Cruising through the Wachau Gorge

What a trip! Viking River Cruises Melk & Dürnstein (Wachau Valley)

Welcome to Melk
Welcome to Melk

Today is a big day for cruise passengers sailing on the Danube Waltz river cruise offered by Viking River Cruises. There are calls to the cities of Melk and Dürnstein and an optional excursion (extra cost) to a wine tasting at a winery in the Wachau Valley.


Melk Abbey
Melk Abbey

There was some type of delay at a lock near Melk so Viking Skadi stopped in Pochlarn, which is close by. The staff had already made arrangements for buses (four in total) to take passengers to Melk.

The highlight of the morning visit to Melk consists of going to a 900-year-old abbey. The abbey, a Benedictine monastery, was originally one of Leopold II’s castles. The abbey is a must-see, especially if cruise passengers like San Maria Maggiore in Rome and St Marks/St Lawrence in Venice. A great example of the High Baroque period. Make sure to check out the walls and ceiling frescoes and take note of the library’s comprehensive collection of medieval manuscripts. To learn more click here:

Melk Photo tour

Brew house
Local Austrian beer keg for guests to enjoy with traditional lunch items (sausages, salads, pretzels, and pastry dishes).
Melk Moment
Benedictine Monk going to work at Melk Abbey.
Downtown Melk
The Village of Melk seen from the window of the Marble Room at Melk Abbey.

Downtown Village of Melk

Melk walking tour

Melk me
Typical day in Melk.
Melk off the beaten path with
Viking Skadi’s hardworking guide Joey

After lunch, Viking Skadi set off for scenic cruising of the Wachau Valley en route to the town of Dürnstein.   Our group has elected to participate in the optional wine tasting tour before setting off the Christmas Markets. Be sure to read Part II in the series, which I will complete upon return from the wine tasting.

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