Video: Alaska Photo Expedition Excursion with Lindblad

Bear sighting while on shore excursion via Alaska cruise with Lindblad Expeditions

Inspiration tweet

The the 62-guest National Geographic Sea Lion, which is the ship featured in the YouTube video, is an expedition ship accommodating 62 guests in 31 outside cabins. She has been compared by Andrew Evans, National Geographic writer, as the “closest thing” to Cousteau’s Calypso he’s ever had the pleasure to be on. 

As seen on YouTube: Expedition cruise in action


About expedition cruising

When it comes to adventure travel look to Lindblad Expeditions and  National Geographic who partner together to offer expedition cruises. The above video demonstrates how getting off the beaten track can help cruise guests get unique one-of-a-kind experiences because their vessels can venture where much larger ships cannot.


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