The best time of year to take a river cruise


When is the best time to take a River cruise?

Here are some tips to help decide when to take a river cruise.

Spring is wonderful in Europe on the rivers. The water is high and the change of season brings delights to the eyes.  Whether it’s the Kerenholf gardens in the spring-time in Holland or the many sights along the rivers of Europe, a spring cruise will bring warm days, blooming flowers, and fewer crowds.

Spring has a lot to offer but weather is cooler so guests will not be able to enjoy the out-door decks/hot tubs etc as much.   

Summer is a good choice is a river cruise in the spring, fall or winter is out of the question. Remember that during the summer months, the towns are more populated with tourists, and the weather could be hotter making it hard , making walking etc difficult. 

Fall river cruises offer  pleasant weather and late fall (end of Nov and Dec) cruisers can enjoy the popular Christmas  markets. 

Winter river cruisers are fun and festive. Guests should plan to bring a warm jacket/gloves and scarf as well as  warm walking shoes or boots.

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