Take your best shot

Don’t wait until you are on vacation to learn how to take your digital photos. Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo offers learning opportunities for customers to learn how to use their cameras. In fact tonight, is a class available through the City of Irvine. Class space is limited but available. If you are interested contact the City of Irvine

Here is a description of the class.

Just Shoot Me! This hands on workshop provides tips and tricks on how to take the best pictures and videos possible. Finally master your digital camera and figure out how to use all the features. Learn how to navigate the menu system, delete unwanted photos, change resolution and record movies. Bring your camera and user manual. Inst: Carrie Finley-Bajak.

Here is a tip.
If you are going to Alaska and want to take great photos from the ship deck make sure that you have a large enough Optical Zoom. Most point and shoot model digital cameras do not have enough distance power. Don’t be fooled between the digital and optical zoom.

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