Sunday at Launga Beach Montage Resort

From Laguna Beach Montage Hotel

The weather was perfect today to pop into the car for a quick ride down to Laguna. We thought we might be able to enlist our 11 year old to take some photos of us to update on our marketing materials. We did not think about the 4 year old who had other plans when it came to water and sand.

The Montage is an awesome hotel property. I stayed there last year and was impressed by the overall product. I loved my room and had wonderful treatments in the spa. For those, like us today, not staying at the Montage the grounds surrounding the resort are open to the public The landscaping is maintained by the hotel and it is gorgeous. Similar to Hawaii, the beach access is also public for all to enjoy. Parking is easy and on a warm day this is the place to enjoy the warm sun and the ocean.

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