Social Media and Cruising #CruiseChat

Social media: the big race

Social media and you.  Are you treading water, drowning, or cruising to the finish line?

Welcome to another edition of #CruiseChat, our fun place to talk about cruising on Travel Tuesdays. This chat is dedicated to the very broad topic of social media.

Today’s topic is brought to us by @CruiseRadio –

Cruise Radio was founded by Doug Parker in the Spring of 2009. As a travel enthusiast, Doug, has many miles under his belt and loves to share his stories. Doug started the site as a portal for folks to learn about first time cruising, destinations, and to keep the travel excitement alive in this downward economy.  Currently, Cruise Radio has over 52,000 weekly listeners online.

Social Media in the cruise industry. What the heck?

2:00 pm   Q1. What is social media?

2:10 pm   Q2. What tools are in your social media toolbox?

2:20 pm  Q3. What cruise lines do you think do a good job using social media?

2:30 pm Q4. Besides cruise lines, what online communities do you support?

2:45 pm  Q5. Friend or Follower. Which do you prefer and why?

  1. @PrincessCruises @SeabournCruise @HALCruises @NCLFreestyle – topic of #CruiseChat = social media and cruising 2:00 pm EST

    1. @CruiseBuzz thx for the invite! just cking it out, interesting info, opinions and new people to know of. #cruisechat

      1. @halcruises Thanks for stepping up. We love your use of social media. And we know it is hard for a brand to jump in #cruisechat

  2. Happy #TravelTuesday – A great day for a #CruiseChat 2:00 pm EST

    1. RT @CruiseBuzz: Happy #TravelTuesday – A great day for a #CruiseChat 2:00 pm EST

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