What not to say on a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line suggests never saying…

It’s been quite a few years since I last went on a Disney Cruise. The fault is entirely mine, really. I have just had a lot of other opportunities that have taken me elsewhere. But, today, when I was doing some editorial work for a client, I stumbled upon the cutest post about “Ten Things Disney Cruisers Never Say” and thought it was worthy of a mention.

I will share just one of the things not to say, with hope that you will go to the link above to read the original article by Jonathan Frontado, from Disney Cruise Line.

“I’m not sure a worry-free vacation is right for our family.”

The first item on the list was about worry-free vacations, and the implication is that Disney Cruise Line is certainly that. And so I thought I would explain why Disney Cruise Line vacations are worry-free.

1. Character greetings and interactions are optional. Kids that are scared of Mickey Mouse and his friends don’t have to worry about unnecessary contact. This might seem like a strange item to list, but I sailed with my daughter and my son once on Disney Wonder. My son, who was three was scared of the characters, while my daughter was completely the opposite. My son, although he was not a fan of hugs, high-fives, and autographs from the characters was able to create his own memories experiencing all the other activities on the ship.

2. The kids can get their own soda and beverages from the drink station, which is nice for older kids whose parents don’t need to monitor their consumption.

3. The staterooms, even the inside cabins, are spacious enough to accommodate a family of four very comfortably.

4. If your kid is scared of taking showers, no worries, because there is a tub in the stateroom (a rarity on most of the other cruise ships).

5. If you worry that a Disney Cruise will be Disney-overboard, think again. The ship design is a work of art, and the Disney touches are minimal, setting a rather elegant feel.



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