Response to Social Media and Luxury Travel

It’s Monday and I am sitting at the headquarters of  Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo empire working on a top secret luxury cruise program to launch in the near future.  I was struck by a Destroy Twitter re-tweet from @EliteTravelGal.  The original tweet was from @bgleeson  about a blog entry regarding social media for luxury travel agenices (click here for post.)

The post really appealed to me since my background is in Social Science Statistics and the entire blog entry summarizes market statistics for luxury travel.   Although I will not offer my opionion on the validy of the reseach method, sample size, or other variables, I will offer my opinion about the conclusions.

The reseach concludes that social media use is increasing and that those that are using social media sites are responding to opportunities to get connected.  Relationship building needs to be personal and consistent.  I concur.

Here is a snapshot of how I used social media today to build relationships.

Facebook.  Updated status and posted some comments on the Princess Cruises Fan page.  After that I noticed some cool photos from  Cruise Holidays of Chicago North .  The photos were from the inaugural of Celebrity Equinox and a quick post-cruise safari to Africa.  To see those photos allowed me to enjoy the trip with them.  Take away?  I am ready for a cruise.  Is that not what we want our “friends” to think and then who will they call?

Now, I could have reviewed the same photos of the Safari on the tour operator’s web site, but the comments about each photo from a reputable source would be missing. 

Who am I going to believe?  A generic reservation agent that answers the phone or a trusted “friend” on Facebook? 

Here are my three tips

  1. Set up a Facebook profile for your business. Keep the posts personal yet professional.  Set up a second profile if you want to get edgy or out there with your friends.  Also, become a fan or join numerous affinity groups on Facebook. This will let you establish your content and a voice.
  2. Set up a blog and post to it regularly.
  3. Set up and use Twitter to help layer into your marketing.

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