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If an adventure cruise has been on your mind, then take a look at the products offered by Quasar Expeditions. This cruise line has been in operation since 1998 and their mission is to bring the natural wonder of the Galapagos Islands & Patagonia into the lives of travelers who live nature above all & provide its guests with one single assurance: when they choose to travel with Quasar Expeditions, they will receive the best service, accommodations, and guidance at each of the destinations that the cruise line offers.

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Like most expedition and adventure cruises, expect a flexible itinerary that allows for the maximum amount of immersion opportunities. The experienced naturalists and guides are committed to making the most of your time and passengers will quickly learn why this feature is so important.

Like most expedition and adventure cruises, expect a flexible itinerary that allows for the maximum amount of immersion opportunities. The experienced naturalists and guides are committed to making the most of your time and passengers will quickly learn why this feature is so important.

Galapagos cruises from Quasar Expeditions

  • Following in Darwin’s Footsteps – Galapagos with Quasar Expeditions aboard M/Y Grace journey starting from Baltra Island.  Set along the equator, some 600 miles off the South American coast of Ecuador is a crown jewel of the natural world. It is here that the young Charles Darwin, fresh from university, visited The Islands in 1835 during the voyage of the HMS Beagle. Darwin maintained that the Galapagos was the source of his ideas and research for ‘On the Origin of Species’. Many of the discoveries he came upon are still in evidence, including a volcanic wonderland of sculpted lava flows, giant lava tubes and inviting inlets shaped by eruption and erosion.  The “Following in Darwin’s Footsteps” journey is on the M/Y Grace – an authentic classic adventure yacht for those seeking to explore the Galapagos in true style. Her history includes distinguished service in the British Navy during WWII and a pedigree that lays claim to ownership by tycoons, industrialists and royalty. Guests on this journey enjoy two landings each full day in the many islands and islets withing the National Park along with snorkeling outings and opportunities for sea kayaking and panga rides, all led by the best National Park Guides. Guests get to witness some of nature’s most beautiful residents, many of which are endemic species of the Galapagos – from rich bird life, sea lions, giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies and land iguanas to name but a few.  7 Nights /8 Days Journey
  • Quasar Expedition’s deeper look into the land of Darwin and Cacao. Aboard the iconic M/Y Grace, formerly Grace Kelly’s royal honeymoon yacht, you’ll explore the islands as they put on a display that evidences the Origins of life. Each day of this epic journey will be complemented by a series of culinary delights, specially prepared by Quasar Expeditions’ chef using Ecuador’s award-winning cacao beans and its raw chocolate.  The Land of Cacao and Darwin is an 11 night itinerary that aims to retrace the steps of the Mayo-Chinchipe-Marañon culture of 3,300 B.C. as you explore the land where the Cacao plant was first turned into the food of the Gods. You will venture into the hot and humid environment to see the cacao plantations that grow the most flavorful cocoa beans around the planet, follow chocolate’s progress throughout history and discover the artful process involved to turn the cacao bean into the prized and varied delicacy we enjoy today. Following Quasar’s chocolate exploration in the mainland, and venture deep into the land of Darwin, as you explore the Galapagos Islands in style.
  • Patagonia Overland Safaris with Quasar Expeditions  An incredible 9 day journey takes adventure travelers into the wonders of Patagonia by Jeep. The journeys starts with two nights staying at the luxury Singular Hotel – a five-star luxury hotel in Patagonia and widely recognized as one of the finest hotels in South America – and has an outstanding spa. It’s also a great launch pad for discovering the area of Puerto Bories where excursions include hiking to glacial caves, trekking, fly fishing, kayaking, horse riding and navigating to nearby fjords. The journey continues over the border to Argentina to discover the Los Glaciares National Park and staying at the Relais & Chateux Eolo Hotel. Set on a 10,000 acre estate, the hotel blends with its peaceful remote surroundings and is close to the most important southern icons – The Andes Mountains, the lakes and the glaciers – while immersed in the Patagonian Steppe’s windy silence. Here guests can also enjoy horseback riding around the Anita Valley and do some ice-trekking on a glacier expedition. The journey continues on to Torres Del Paine National Park staying at the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa  which sits on a bluff where the South American pampa meets Lake Sarmiento. While being here, guests can experience full day jeep tours exploring this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, glacial kayaking, trekking and catamaran tours. Available until April 30th 2017 8 nights/9 Days
  • Patagonia – Winter Puma Tracking Safari with Quasar Expeditions. Explore Chile’s natural wonders and winter wildlife based out of the heart of Torres Del Paine National Park, at the Explora Lodge in Patagonia. From here guests can explore one of the most beautiful parks in Chile which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, or simply relax at Explora’s spa or take in the spectacular views from the main lounge overlooking the Paine Massif and the Paine Horns. The hotel’s position on the shores of Lake Pehoe provides some of the most striking glacial scenery. The 5 nights, 6 Day itinerary includes exploring of the park, tracking the favorite foraging grounds of the ‘guanaco’ – a relative of the Andean Llama and the African camel. The guanaco is a favorite prey of the Puma who gather around these areas during the winter in hunt of their prey. The park is also home to other wildlife including, the grey and culpeo foxes, the Andean Condor, the southern Cara Cara and rich bird life including the upland geese, black-faced ibis, Chilean flamingos and more. In search of the elusive puma, guests will also explore a series of natural caves filled with ancient tribal art, and which are also known to be where these Big Cats frequent in the winter. The trip will also explore the Sarmiento Lake – one of the few lakes in the park that is not of glacial origin, and another favorite spot for the pumas to find shelter around the caves and stunning rock formations of the lake. Available May-September 2017 5 Nights/ 6 Days.
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