Princess Cruises making waves online

Princess Cruises making waves online

I just had a chance to catch up with Princess Cruises online and discovered that they are doing an exceptional job promoting their brand.

I count 9 sites that Princess Cruises is curating to post inspiring content and to engage with cruisers.  Below is a summary of the Princess Cruises online accounts to follow:

  1. Blog:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Twitter:
  4. YouTube:
  5. Flickr:
  6. Pandora:
  7. Newsroom:
  8. Google+:
  9. Pinterest:


My Favorite Three Princess Cruises Online Sites

My favorite Princess Cruises online site for READING

Check out the Princess Cruises blog Inspired to Cruise.

This site is easy to navigate and full of great ideas about where to cruise next. There are currently 39 stories on the site documenting reasons to cruise: Enough Adventure and Love to Last a Lifetime ; We Celebrated our Second Marriage….To Each Other; From Mom to Best Friend are three examples. If you have not had a chance to check it out here is the link.


Princess Cruises blog

My favorite Princess Cruises online site for LISTENING.

When Princess Cruises Radio ( launched in October 2011, there were three musical options: the “Relax,”  “Rejuvenate,”  and the “Escape Completely.” Currently, the  The Relax playlist on Pandora by Princess Cruises is active with a mix of  soulful mellow tunes that set the tone for the “Love Boat” crowd.

Princess Cruises Pandora mix


My favorite Princess Cruises online site for LOOKING at inspiring images.

Princess Cruises has invested some time in developing their Pinterest boards. I especially like the Great Travel Reads pin board, which features some great travel books to read. Check out their pin boards here.


Princess Cruises Pinterest board



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