Princess Cruises fined for Illegal Dumping

Princess Cruises (shame on you rogue employees)

Illegal bilge-water dumping lands Princess Cruises’ in a lot of hot water.

Social media was abuzz yesterday in response to the announcements that Carnival’s Princess Cruises will pay a $40 million fine for dumping oily waste into the ocean – the largest penalty of its kind in history.

In fact, even a YouTube statement was posted from Jan Swartz — president of Princess Cruises about the experiences that include the 18-ship cruise line taking  full responsibility for the events.

Not an isolated incident

“We are extremely disappointed about the inexcusable actions of our employees who violated our policies and environmental law when they bypassed our bilge water treatment system and discharged untreated bilge water into the ocean.” From Princess Cruises via YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, an internal investigation revealed that similar practices were occurring on other ships. “Although we had policies and procedures in place,” a written statement elaborated, “it became apparent they were not fully effective.” Worse, while the situation was brought to the company’s attention in 2013, the investigation revealed that violations had been occurring as far back as 2005.

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