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Ise of Lewis, Scotland

Located in the Outer Hebrides, The Isle of Lewis is the largest island in the area. Cruise ships that call on the area (like Azamara Quest did when I called on the port town) will spend the day in the harbor while visitors explore the surrounding area. The day can be spent exploring on one’s own like I did or for those history buffs looking for relics, head out afar to see The Callanish Stones an archaeological landmark that is reported to have been built by inhabitants between 2900 and 2600 BC.

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Cruise Journal – a day in port.

Azamara Quest spent two glorious days calling on the Inner and Outer Hebrides. For those that might have to get out the map, it means that we are located in an archipelago off the west coast of mainland Scotland.

Stornoway, Scotland

Isle of Lewis landscape

Isle of Lewis

Stornoway is the largest settlement in the Outer Hebrides. This precious little jewel of a town is located on the Isle of Lewis. I took the tender and did a meander around the city on my own.

One of the predominant features of the skyline was Lews Castle, which is a Victorian era castle located west of the town of Stornoway. The castle is an easy 15-minute walk from the tender boats, but make sure it is open first before making the hike.

The town of Stornoway has a nice cruise terminal building with free and fast Internet connectivity for those interested. Also, there are a few nice tributes around the city paying respects to the herring girls of Stornoway. The herring girls are an important part of Stornoway’s history and remind visitors of how the fishing industry helped many families earn money.”

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