Port Buzz: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Silversea’s Silver Spirit calls on Dubrovnik

Today Silver Spirit called on Dubrovnik, which is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea, in the region of Dalmatia (like the cute dog).  Cruise visitors calling on Dubrovnik, Croatia will have lots to explore. Walking around the pedestrian-friendly streets exploring the medieval town can easily keep cruise guests occupied for hours or you can do like I did and book a shore excursion for half the day and then hang out later in town. Thanks to the late departure time (11 pm) we are able to spend more time in port discovering.

Silver Spirit at anchor in Dubrovnik. Photo by Carrie Finley Bajak.
Silver Spirit at anchor in Dubrovnik. Photo by CarrieFinleyBajak. 


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Silversea Cruises Shore Excursion: Kayaking and Lokrum Island

Kayak tour guide
Kayak tour guide


Getting ready to kayak
Getting ready to kayak

There are plenty of things to keep cruise guests busy. I opted for a kayak tour to the nearby island of Lokrun and then I strolled around the town on my own. I purchased a ticket to walk the city walls, a great way to see the city, by the way.

Dubrovnik City Walls

Dubrovnik Old City
Dubrovnik Old City 


The Dubrovnik city walls are the major attraction for visitors and one of the best preserved fortification complexes in Europe. The 1940-metre long walls encompass five forts and sixteen towers and bastions. The ramparts encompass the city in an irregularly shaped polygon, with Fort Minčeta at the highest northwestern landward corner of the city and with Fort St. Johns on the southeastern seaside.

The three entrances to the walls include those next to St Lukes Church in the east, next to St Saviours Church at the Pile entrance to the Old City and next to the Maritime Museum located at St Johns Fort.


Dubrovnik is full of beaches, just jump in.
Dubrovnik is full of beaches, just jump in.



The island of Lokrun is top choice and the sandy beach and is easily accessible from Gruz port in Dubrovnik or on day trips.

The first records of the Island of Lokrum from 1023 mention it as the venue of the foundation of a Benedictine Abbey and Monastery. Legend has it that after a shipwreck on his way back from the Crusade in Palestine, Richard the Lionheart found shelter precisely on the Island of Lokrum in 1192.

In only ten minutes, a boat from the Old City Harbor will take you to the nearby Island of Lokrum.


Dubrovnik promenade


Historically, the residents of old Dubrovnik entered the city through two main gates, the eastern gate at Ploče and the western one at Pile. The long walkway between the two entrances to the Old City is called the Stradum. Nowadays, visitors can stroll down the street to get from one of the town to the other while browsing shops or getting a bite to eat.  This is the place where visitors can see the costumed city guards in summer (I saw one) and it is also the widest walking part of the town.

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