Family Vacation Planning Tips

The first step for planning a family vacation is …. picking the location.

Looking for inspiration at the library.

Researching destinations. Where do you find inspiration for picking the perfect family vacation location?

If you are traveling with young kids, older children or teenagers the perfect location should include the right combination of food, activities, other kids, and supervised daycare (just in case).

For ease of use, I will always recommend a cruise or a stay at an all-inclusive resort. However, I am no stranger to camping, hotel stays, and the staycation concept.

Since I live near the beach (a mere 15 minutes by car), I have spent many a day playing in the sand, teaching the kids how to swim and having good old-fashioned cookouts.

I suppose based on my location, I should also mention the merits of taking the family on a trip to the amusement park: Disneyland and Legoland are a couple of our favorites.

Picking the right location for your family vacation will help you make sure that everyone has a great break.

What are your favorite places to visit for family vacation?

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