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Norwegian Breakaway Pinterest Boards

Norwegian Cruise Line has 15 Pinterest pin boards with 170 pins. There are 2,215 people that follow Norwegian Cruise Line’s on Pinterest and the cruise line is following 203 people.

The Norwegian Breakaway pin board captured my attention

The reason I gravitated towards the Norwegian Breakaway boards was because they show how using Pinterest can make cruise planning easy.  Because of the visual format, I can see what Breakaway will be like, instead of reading words describing the features of Breakaway.

By the numbers: Currently the Norwegian Breakaway pin board has 37 pins.

Norwegian Breakaway Pinterest board


Norwegian Cruise Line is using the Norwegian Breakaway pin boards to showcase features, amenities, and entertainment options of their new ship, which will debut debut in April 2013.

Norwegian Breakaway Pinterest Board

 The most popular pin …

Were you one of the 37 pinners who liked or commented about the multi-story water slides and Aqua Park?

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