Photos of Markets from the Cruise Ports

Photo Showcase: Markets found in ports

Ever since I was just entering double-digits on my age, I have been fascinated by photos of markets from around the world. Now that I have traveled to some of the places I read about, I thought it would be fun to put together a photo showcase of the colorful food markets and stalls from the places I have visited.

The Far East

While sailing on Silversea Cruises, I did a pre-cruise stay in Seoul. While I was exploring the city, I found my way to Namdaemun Market and took some photos while navigating the busy complex.

Farm to table: Namdaemun Market, Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

South Korean Market
Seoul, South Korea. Photo by Carrie Finley.Bajak.

The Great Wall of China

Good thing I selected the Great Wall shore excursion offered by Princess Cruises during my cruise call to Tianjin, the port city serving Beijing. Besides hiking the path of the wall that snakes through the hills, I enjoyed seeing the market stalls from nearby villagers and merchants selling their wares.

Beijing, China
Inside the confines of The Great Wall of China. Photo by Carrie Finley.Bajak.


Beijing, China
Beijing, China. Photo by Carrie Finley.Bajak.


From Russia with Love: Vladivostok, Russia

Cruise visitors calling on Vladivostok, Russia get to see the Trans-Siberian Railway terminus, but they also get to shop nearby from the vendors setting up shop close to the dock.  Read more about Vladivostok, click here.

Vladivostok, Russia. Photo Carrie Finly.Bajak
Vladivostok, Russia. Photo Carrie Finley.Bajak

From the Central Market in Casablanca, Morocco

While sailing on Silversea Cruises from Barcelona to the Canary Islands, we made a call to Casablanca, Morocco. While there, I toured the city and one of the stops was to the Central Market where a lot of us purchased Argan oil (available in a cooking form or as a beauty-grade oil).

A market in Casablanca, Morocco.
A market in Casablanca, Morocco.

Christmas Markets in Europe

Thanks to Uniworld Cruises I experienced my first-ever river cruise along the Rhine River to explore the Christmas markets. I embraked the ship in Switzerland and headed north to Cologne, Germany (read full report here).

Shop til’ you drop, then go to the Glühwein stall.

Koblenz, Germany Glühwein stall. Photo by Carrie Finley-Bajak.
The Cologne Harbor Christmas Market has over 80 white marquee pagoda tents offering food, drinks, and handicrafts.


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