Ship-to-shore with OnePath wireless radio

Harris CapRock Communications is offering a new service that will address bandwidth issues on the ships.

What are the benefits of Harris CapRock Communications’ OnePath long-range wireless radio?

  • Radio delivers reliable communications via an optimal transport and secure network
  • Provides increased throughput and spectrum efficiency
  • Solution for cruise, energy and commercial maritime applications

The wireless solution is designed to support offshore ships and vessels requiring continuous communications.

Harris CapRock’s long-range wireless solution, OnePath™ Radio, is designed to support offshore ships and vessels requiring continuous communications services once they are near or at port. Oftentimes, as cruise ships approach the shore, the satellite signal is either obstructed due to line of sight or blocked due to in-region service regulations.

OnePath Radio is an integrated set of hardware and software and consists of a radio and an antenna. It can support point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections. OnePath Radio can be deployed as a turnkey solution or as a managed recurring service.

OnePath Radio

OnePath Radio

HOUSTON, Sept. 13, 2016Harris CapRock Communications today launched its OnePath long-range wireless radio to address the growing demand for bandwidth in the cruise, energy and commercial maritime industries.

The OnePath radio offers a unique mode of connectivity that is complementary to Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) technology, providing higher throughput and increased redundancy.

The radio enables a fully secure, localized wireless data/voice network complete with traffic management. It provides first/last mile connection and can close links in excess of 160 km with appropriate heights. Licensed or unlicensed spectrum options are available with throughputs of up to 400 mbps. It is equipped with operating modes for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point applications.

“The OnePath radio solution offers best-in-class throughput performance and spectrum efficiency and is lightweight, rugged and easy to deploy,” said Matthew Broida, vice president, marketing, Harris CapRock. “It offers extremely low latency to ensure rapid delivery of high bandwidth applications including VoIP, real-time video, teleconferencing and sensor traffic.”

The OnePath radio is part of Harris CapRock’s One Clear Path promise – offering a robust, always-on communications experience delivered by a secure, optimized network that is supported by a worldwide redundant infrastructure.

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