Music of the World Spotify app

Listen up: Music of the World app on Spotify

Music of the World app
Screenshot from sounds of Greece on the World Music Spotify app.

The lowdown:

Cruise travelers who want some audio immersion to get in the cruise mood will like the app. To use the app, you need to have a Spotify account to execute the link:

I used the app and it does deliver the promise of easily accessing music from around the world. In fact, I was able to get inspired for an upcoming cruise to Greece and Italy by listening to various playlists that were collected for me. What I don’t get though is how a person gets their playlist on the preferred list. That would be really cool to have my favorite songs of a place promoted on the app…

Give it a try. It’s new and fun.

This from Eli at Shore Fire Media

New app the allows Spotify users to build playlists of world music from any region on Earth with the click of a button! “Music of the World” – a new Spotify app from X5 Music Group – transports users to 220 countries, territories, and regions via an interactive map.

The map zooms in on any selected area and allows users to browse through 2,500+ playlists and albums from every corner of the world, from South African Marabi to Icelandic folk to Japanese Min’yo, among others. It offers biographical notes on each of the featured artists and nations, as well as suggestions for related artists within each category.

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