MSC Divina Caribbean Cruise Review

MSC Cruises live cruise review

International Day of Happiness

Happiness is great coffee on MSC Divina
Happiness is great coffee on MSC Divina

What better way to celebrate International Day of Happiness than on MSC Divina. The #MedWayofLife combined with life at sea are about as good as it gets for me.

Today cruise passengers on MSC Divina enjoyed a relaxing day at sea.  The irony is that sea days are not necessarily relaxing because there is so much to do. Don’t get me wrong, for those that just want to have a good rest, that is totally an option. However for me I like to get about for a walk around the ship and get involved in all sorts of activities.

While walking about MSC Divina, I stopped by the Winery at Sea to learn about the wine-theme activities on the ship. The Winery at Sea offers cruise guests two options: the Winemaker Experience or the Boutique Winery Tasting.  Passengers wanting to blend their own wine or who want to sample rare wine from some of California’s micro wineries should make reservations to avoid disappointment.

Wine experience


Baseball Greats

As I mentioned in another dispatch, this sailing on MSC Divina is a “Baseball Greats” theme cruise. Baseball fans had an opportunity to get memorabilia signed by the players today. For those needing something to sign, the ship sold Rawlings leather baseballs and a group photo of the players. No need to bring a Sharpie, the players had plenty (and plenty of fans in attendance).

Galaxy Disco Restaurant

Galaxy Disco Restaurant
Galaxy Disco Restaurant

Another activity I participated in today was brunch at the Galaxy Disco Restaurant. For less than $30 USD cruise passengers can enjoy a multi-course champagne brunch overlooking the main pool and the sea. The leisurely pace of the service was welcome, especially since I was still sunburned. I heard other guests raving about the place while onboard, I just had to try (and I am glad I did).

The Galaxy Disco restaurant is one of the specialty dining experiences on MSC Divina. The food was great and the serve was spot-on.

 Favorite photos of the day

4-D movie
4-D movie experience on MSC Divina
Happiness Day
Special delivery from the chef at Galaxy Disco Restaurant

Juice Bar

The race is on. Race simulator on #MSCDivina
The race is on. Race simulator on #MSCDivina

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