Making the Best of Summer Air Travel

What are some travel tips for getting airfare deals during  Summer?

Below are some tips that you might want to think about when traveling this Summer. Even when your cruise vacation is everything that you dreamed it would be, traveling to and from the ship can be challenging if you go by air. Since air travel during summer includes crowded planes and delayed flights that could end in frustration, be prepared.

#1 Tip: Fly to your departure port in the middle of the week, when passenger loads tend to be lighter.

It is also a good idea to fly in early: you won’t miss your cruise ship’s launch due to flight delays, and you may have time to explore the city.

Nearly all airlines charge baggage fees except for some international flights. Keep in mind though that when traveling on domestic flights within Europe, there could be weight restrictions (has happened to me many times). So, the best approach is to pack light. You can also ship your luggage to your departure port; some travelers find the cost of shipping their luggage ahead to be worth the convenience of passing through airports without multiple bags in tow. Always keep your photo identification, medicine, jewelry, cell phone, cameras and film in your carry-on bag, not in checked or shipped luggage.

Remember the Transportation Safety Administration’s 3-1-1 rule for any liquids or gels you carry on board. Liquids and gels must be in containers that are three ounces or smaller; all of your containers of liquids or gels must be placed in a one quart-sized, clear plastic, zip-top bag; and you are allowed one such bag, which must be screened at an airport security checkpoint.

Instead of driving yourself to the airport and leaving your car there, ask a friend to take you (and to pick you up upon your return). Or, treat yourself to a limo ride to and from the airport – You won’t have to worry about fighting traffic or paying for parking.

Consider getting TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry to expedite security and screening lines. I have personally benefited on a number of occasions by having Global Entry. Upon returning to the US from international flights, I have made very tight connections because I avoided long lines at immigration.

Revised June, 2019

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