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MSC Cruises Spring Break Cruise

The Case for the Pre-Cruise

Brian (my 9-year old son) and I left Southern California yesterday afternoon. We arrived to Fort Lauderdale at 9:00 pm and found ourselves in a nearby Hilton hotel by 10:00 pm (I love complimentary shuttle buses). This morning we took the free shutle back to the Fort Lauderdale Airport to meet a pre-purchased transfer to PortMiami via our cruise line.

As a parent (a single parent cruising with her child) the transition from home to the ship could not have been easier. I purposely chose a hotel close to the airport and I also booked the transfers from the ship to keep everything simple. At a certain point I toyed with the idea of renting a car to see the Miami-area beaches, but then decided against it because my son just had his sights set on getting on the ship.

First Impressions of MSC Cruises Divina

The race is on. Race simulator on #MSCDivina
The race is on. Race simulator on #MSCDivina

We love the ship. It’s better than expected and more. We are finding it fun to count the international languages that we overhear onboard and we have already fallen in love with the vibe of the ship. There is a certain panache about the vessel, which I will talk about in subsequent dispatches.

We have spent the best part of the afternoon looking around the ship. Check out some of our hotspots…


Papa Smurf - our hero!
Papa Smurf – our hero!



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