Last-Minute Cruise Travel Tips

We have compiled a list of tips to help get you a great last-minute cruise deal.  A last-minute cruise deal is typically anything between 0 and 90 days prior to departure. 

Be flexible: You may not get the exact dates, location, or cruise line you’d prefer, but last-minute cruise deals may open your eyes to something new.

Look for value:
The best values are typically be found in the heavily served regions like the Caribbean, Mexico or repositioning & Transatlantic sailings.

Be aware of your Stateroom:
Inside cabins [no balcony or window], though substantially less than oceanview, are not for everyone.

Be aware of flights:

Last minute flights may be difficult to find, but being aware of air deals can save you additional cash.

Read the Fine Print – Ask for Details:
Make sure you understand the cruise lines cancellation policy. More than likely, you will be “all in” and there will be no chance for a refund.

Use a Travel Agent:
Take advantage of the services Cruise Holidays experts provide.
Our trained agents know the ins & outs of cruising, and have the most up to date product information & access to rates not published online.

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