Kudos for Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo

OK. I don’t normally post endorsements but for my clients that read this blog, I want you to see that Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo is all about service and going the extra mile.

From an email 2/12/2009

Hi Ben and Carrie,

You have immediately soared into FIRST PLACE as my favorite new account! It’s absolutely thrilling to me to see you being so proactive and getting the word out to your clients so quickly. I also think it’s fantastic that you’re taking full advantage of some of the “hot” new forms of communication such as blogs, twitter, and facebook. That is what our world is turning to these days and there aren’t nearly enough agencies taking advantage of it. …

I also want to thank you for the handwritten note, which I just received yesterday. What a nice touch, very personal and all too rare in this day and age. If you continue to combine that personal “old fashioned” touch while taking advantage of the internet and the newest forms of communication, you will absolutely succeed. I applaud you. I am sharing this email with my Regional Director, Stephanie Brennan.

Best regards,

Colette Cutrone

District Sales Manager

Princess Cruises & Cunard
  1. Hi I am edwardscollin,

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