Keeping Connected at Sea

Now you can stay connected on the high seas using your own compatible mobile phone.

Most cruise lines have an agreement with Wireless Maritime Services ( that supports advanced roaming while at sea. International roaming charges are billed to you by your home carrier. While some people find this service to be convenient, others are dismayed when they receive their cell phone statement. To avoid a shock make sure that you have asked your cell phone company about international roaming charges.

Popular service providers are below:

Cingular 916-843-4685
T-Mobile 505-998-3793
Cincinnati Bell Wireless 513-566-2116
Edge Wireless 866-350-3343
Suncom 800-786-7378
Cellular One (Dobson) 800-423-5514
Cellular One (Western Wireless) 800-635-0304
Sprint 888-226-7212
Verizon Wireless 908-559-4899
Alltel 80-255-8351

Rogers Wireless 87-764-3772
Fido 514-925-4590

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