Introducing the Cruise Logger of the week

Question: Can you guess where the photo was taken?

Answer: Stockholm, Sweden. The log photo was taken in Stockholm during a port call on the Crown Princess in May 2008. Yea to those that guessed correctly.

What a great honor to be named the Cruise Logger of the Week from USA TODAY. If you would like to meet the USA TODAY Cruise Logger of the week Carrie from Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo click here to read.

I love the cruise log as it combines cruise news junkies with a valid forum to comment on relevant issues. Other blogs that I contribute to are mostly for the travel industry and that is a little boring and sometimes I get the feeling that the vendors, and advertisers are calling the shots with the editors and writers. I could be wrong. I have also participated at Cruise Critic but they do not allow agents to disclose their identity. This is a little off putting since I think it helps create credibility all around. If I had to choose a winner between Cruise Critic and USA TODAY Cruise Log it would hands down be USA TODAY. If you have not yet checked out the log, do so because it is news of the day topics related to cruising is the link.
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