Internet Travel Misconceptions

Have you ever been confused by an online travel offer?

CruiseBuzz can provide some answers, and we welcome your feedback here on the blog. 

As a full service travel agency in Orange County, California who also happens to have an online website, we field a lot of comments from travelers who have tried to find those wonderful deals with little luck.  The number one confusion is over the many different online offers available.  Creative marketing combined with some clever wording further exasperate consumers.   I have seen an offer that takes the first and second passenger price and combines these with the reduced third and fourth person pricing, when the total is divided by four the overall price is indeed lower.  However, without reading the fine print a consumer does not know that this is based on four people in the cabin. 

Even cruise lines seem like they are offering the best vacation advice.  Cruise line websites offer “certified vacation planners.”  However, what a lot of consumers don’t know is that these people work directly for the cruise line and they will not recommend another cruise line if their product does not suit.  Travel agents work for the client.  We will help you match the right cruise line to your particular needs and interests. 

Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo offers the best of both worlds.  We have a local store in Orange County, California and we also have a online toolbox for people to plan for a vacation, buy a vacation, and to share their vacation experiences with others.  We do not charge our clients a service fee for booking cruises and we represent all cruise lines.

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