Insider look into celebrity cruise chefs

Culinarians are receiving a lot of attention in the cruise world.  Many have the same celebrity status as movie stars. This fame is well deserved by those who get it.  One thing for sure is that there are no overnight successes.

Chefs have all put in time peeling onions and sweeping floors.  So what makes a chef a celebrity?  Talent is number one. You can’t go to school for a year or two and instantly become a chef.  There has to be some inherent understanding of knowing how to cook. I remember early in my career when I asked my Chef how to know when something was done. With a slight grin he said, “when it winks at you.”  Cooking is part science and technique, but it is also feeling.  Not every cook has the talent that celebrity Chefs enjoy.

I will promise you that every popular chef these days has the inherent talent that has been nurtured to turn their careers into something special. In addition to talent, Chefs need to promote their style, or brand.  I will take a look at that branding in the next entry.

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