Wellness Travel: Top three ways to stay healthy on a cruise

Cruising is fun and can be good for your health.

For some people cruising is an excuse to overeat, overindulge, and overdo. But, did you know that there are plenty of ways to stay healthy and on track with your fitness and wellness goals while cruising. In fact, now with so many choices of ships and amenities, there is really no reason not to be able to support your wellness options while enjoying a cruise vacation.

The EZ Dock launch platform on UnCruise.

Top three ways to stay healthy while cruising.

  1. Use the facilities. There are gyms, fitness programs, swimming pools, and a host of onboard programs to help you stay active and moving. Fitness buffs will hit the gym, with just about every ship offering fitness centers with cardio and weight machines. Of course, you will want to keep in mind that that smaller ships have less space for equipment. Cruise ships usually have jogging tracks and an outdoor area to keep in step while breathing in the fresh sea air. Take advantage of fitness classes, dance classes, or even take a spinning class in the water. Or hey, if you are into kayaking, paddleboarding, or other water sports, make sure to pick a ship like Paul Gauguin or UnCruise that encourages active cruising. Crystal Cruises has a fabulous onboard fitness program worth checking out for the more luxe-inclined cruise traveler.
  2. Get your Zen on in the Spa. Shipboard spas vary in size but the larger ships offer an extensive menu of treatments as well as access to hydrotherapy pools, steam rooms, and saunas. Canyon Ranch on Cunard is a winning bet when it comes to spa cruising.
  3. Eat right. It is possible to eat right while cruising. There are plenty of options available to keep calorie counters in check as well as programs to support cruisers with dietary restrictions. Make sure to work with the cruise line or travel agent in advance to alert the ship of Gluten-free, Vegan, or special diets. Celebrity Cruises is one of my favorite cruise lines that pioneered healthier eating on the ships. Silversea also does a great job, but what would you expect from a luxury cruise line?

Photo Gallery of Wellness Travel options for how to stay healthy on a cruise.

Greenhouse Spa: salts and spices to promote health and wellness
Seabourn Spa
Treatment room on Seabourn. Photo by Carrie Finley.

MSC Divina
MSC Divina juice bar in the spa.
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