Hong Kong Cruise Port Review

Hong Kong, the city that works for cruise visitors

Cruise visitors sailing to or from the Port of Hong Kong will be pleasantly surprised to find a cosmopolitan city with plenty of activities to keep visitors busy. I would recommend a pre or post cruise stay, it’s almost a requirement.

Silversea Silver Shadow docked at Ocean Terminal, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Cruise Terminals:

Since writing the original article in 2011, Hong Kong has opened a Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, which means that there are now two cruise terminals in the area where cruise visitors might embark and debark from.

Ocean Terminal

Smaller cruise ships will dock at Ocean Terminal located off Salisbury Road.  There are two berths at the terminal,which are adjacent to a large shopping complex located at at Harbour City.

Tip: The mega-mall atmosphere makes getting to the ship a little daunting. If setting out for a day of exploration on your own, make sure to note the location of the rentry spot to get back onto the ship. If arriving to the terminal to embark your ship, make sure to get dropped off at the security check point.

Getting to Ocean Terminal

By Train:

Airport Express: Clean, fast, safe and convenient.

Consider taking Airport Express to get to or from Hong Kong. The price of $100 HKD is a bargain for the ride. Plan on a 30 minute ride from Kowloon Station to the Hong Kong International Airport.  From Ocean Terminal to Airport Express Kowloon Station is less than 5 minutes drive.

By Taxi:

It will take about 40 minutes from Ocean Terminal to the Airport or vice versa. The price is around 300 HKD total.

By Bus:

Probably not the best option since the train and taxis are ecconomical and easy. However, people that want to use the bus can catch a ride about 10 minutes walk from Ocean Terminal on Nathan Road. There are buses connecting the Nathan Road at Tsim Sha Tsui and the Airport. Transit time is about an hour.

Cruise Ship Transfer:

This option is convenient for passengers that like the seamless transition between airport and ship. The cost of this option is significantly higher than other options listed above.

Pre of Post Hotels

InterContinental Hong Kong
Prime location. InterContinental Hong Kong photographed from Silversea Silver Shadow’s arrival into Victoria Harbour.

Finding great accomodations in Hong Kong is easy.  The Hong Kong Tourism Board reports that there are over 50,000 rooms available in Hong Kong suitable for every budget.  Cruise visitors can have their from modest guesthouses and youth hostels through every range of hotel up to super luxury. The cruise ships dock on Kowloon Island so picking a hotel located near the ships is a good idea. I had the opportunity to personally check out the InterContinental Hong Kong and the Island Shangri-La Hotel on Hong Kong Island. Both hotels offer wonderful service and amenities.


  • Cable Car Ride
  • Evening Harbour Cruise on Victoria Harbour
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Jade Market
  • Knutsford Terrace
  • Kowloon Park
  • Lan Kwai Fong – trendy shops, restaurants and bars (close to hotel)
  • Museum of History
  • Ocean Park
  • Stroll or jog along the Avenue of Stars (think boardwalk and Hollywood Walk of Fame)
  • Wong Tai Sin Temple

Helpful resources

“Discover Hong Kong” from the Hong Kong Tourism Board


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