Getting around Venice, Italy: Ship transfer, Vaporetto or Water Taxi?

Options for cruise visitors in Venice, Italy

Here is the scenario. You are a cruise visitor to Venice and you want to get from the Stazione Marittima  to the sights of Venice. What do you do? How will you get around?

Option 1: Cruise ship water transfer

If you plan on going to St. Marks and walking around, take the cruise ship water transfer.

First of all, if your day in Venice includes an easy walk around St. Marks and the surrounding vicinity  then the best options to book the cruise line water transfer (if it is available).  This option will present the least amount of hassle and will ensure a seamless transition from the ship.


Option 2. Vaporetto (water bus)

If a tour of the Grand Canal or a stop at neighboring islands is on the top of your Venice must see list then taking a vaporetto is in order (the cruise line water taxi takes a different route).

If you don’t want to walk, take advantage of the People Mover  train to get  from the Maritime Station to Venice’s  Piazzale Roma.  Tickets can be bought from the automatic ticket machines at the entrance to the People Mover train. For information about using the People Mover check  AVM  and review  the terminal map and look for the green line (click here).

The vaporetto stops are recognizable by a yellow line with the name of the particular stop on them. All water bus stops have a floating landing against which boats will dock once they arrive. 


Venice vaporetto stop. Photo by TracyElaine.
Venice vaporetto stop. Photo by TracyElaine.


Cruise visitors can tell the difference between a water taxi and a vaporetto because the vaporetto are larger and can hold more people.

Venice, Italy water bus. Photo by DislOck viaFlickr.
Venice, Italy water bus. Photo by DislOck viaFlickr.

To learn more about using the vaporetto, including links to routes and timetables, click here to access the official site.


Option 3 – Water taxi

If money is no object, splurge on a water taxi

Water taxi by Lee Cannon
Water taxi by Lee Cannon

Cruise visitors will notice that there is a water taxi station close to the ships, but this is not the same thing as the water bus. In fact, the water taxi is a great option because it is very convenient, however this option is expensive.


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